Sony Ericsson W395 user guide

here a Sony Ericsson W395 user guide tells how to set up and begin using your Sony Ericsson W395. Sony Ericsson W395 user manual also provides detailed information on configuring your Sony Ericsson W395, basic operations and care, using optional devices and maintenance troubleshooting.

The W395 is a real slick slider. And the large, powerful, built-in stereo speakers bring thumping bass and great sounds to everyone around.

Table contents of Sony Ericsson W395 manual

* SIM card
* Memory card
* Charging the battery
* Turning on the phone
* Screen icons
* Phone overview
* Keys
* Navigation
* Menu overview
* Entertainment
* Radio
* Imaging
* Calling
* Messaging
* Contacts
* More functions
* Locks
* Troubleshooting
* Legal information

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