How To Repair Dead, Restart or Hang Motorola Phones

Supported Motorola Phones:

* Motorola V3, Motorola v400, Motorola v300, Motorola v600, Motorola v500, Motorola v180, Motorola v220

Dead no power
First make sure your battery is 100% ok and charger
If you cant seem to get it to power even with a external power supply
Wont go to boot mode by pressing (hold and press +and# then power button)

No responds with charger
1.Try to boot phone by pressing (hold and press +and# then power button) if its goes to boot mode try to flash phone if not step 2
2.Try to connect phone to smart-moto and check if phone is in flash mode already thats why it wont turn on
3.Reheat PA module or remove it and try to turn phone on without PA . if PA is shorted phone wont turn on or no responds at all with any power supply ( some shorted PA cannot be tested by a tester in battery terminal so I recommend that you take PA out , base on my experience )

Additional info
Phone turns on then goes off rite away even with a charger
Phone only turn on with a charger plug in
Phone chargers but drains rite away

Its 100% PA problem to

Signal problem
Signal is good but cant make calls
Call Failed and cant received calls
No signal at all
1.Try to flex or full flash phone if you still get called failed or no signal
2.Try to reheat PA module if you still get called failed or no signal
3.Change PA module 100% PA problem , after change PA and still no signal full flash phone with monster pack or any full flash
4.After that smile your phone is working

Phone turns on after few minute phone hangs or keys not working , (check if phone hangs when signal appears) PA in fault
1 Try master clear if still hangs
2.Full factory reset if still hangs
3.Try full flash phone if still hangs
4.Reheat PA or remove and observe phone with out PA module faulty PA causes software to hang

Phone restarts by it self , phone restart when making a call or receiving calls
1 Try master clear if still restarts
2.Full factory reset if still restarts
3.Try full flash phone