Resetting BlackBerry Phone

People often don't know when / how to reset their BlackBerry when they have a problem, this guide will cover the methods, reasons, and order in which resets should be done.

There are many reasons to reset a BlackBerry, in general when things are just not working the way they should a reset is likely to correct the problem.

Some possible reasons to perform a reset (there's many reasons, here's just a sample)::

1) Corrupt display
2) No network connection even though radio turned on (note that you could try to re-register on the network first)
3) JVM Error message displayed (you will want to backup your device and reload the firmware asap)

All models except the 850/857
There are three different types of resets, and they should be tried in order...

1) Power cycle - simply turn the device off, then on
2) Soft-Reset - Hold down ALT + CAP + DEL
3) Hard-Reset - Locate and push the reset button using a paper-clip.

Note: The BB-7100 and BB-7290 do not have reset buttons, on these you need to remove the battery (gently) wait a few seconds and then re-insert the battery. Be careful as you do not want to damage the contacts (or get them dirty for that matter).
Reset-Button Locations:

67xx / 95x / 77xx - On the back, at the bottom of the unit (small hole)
62xx / 72xx - Underneath the battery cover (small hole, marked as RESET)
71xx / 7290 - NO RESET, please see note (above)